12/13 - Trip to Liberia, West Africa, feasibility of Global Smilez realized.

5/14 - Humanitarian grant received from Lawrence University to help pay for design/printing of gift-catalog.

6/14 - Global Smilez.com launched.

7/14 - Gift-catalogs mailed out, donations collected through PayPal and mail.

8/14 - Leave for Manila, toys purchased at local stores, delivered and handed out to orphans at multiple locations.

9-12/14 - Travel Southeast Asia, stopping at orphanages in each country to assess opportunity for Global Smilez to expand in the future.

1/15 - Edited video clips sent online to donors.

2/15 - 'Tabs 4 Teens' proposal is finalized, Bennett Harris joins us as Chief Financial Officer.

2/15 - Nolan Stracke joins us, becoming Chief Marketing Officer.

3/15 - Vibe Friends is launched with our first musical artist, Cameron Mahnke, and his CD Whiplash. 

4/15 - The first We Drink, They Drink event is held in Madison, WI, at the Nitty Gritty.

The global orphan population is exponentially growing with only a few entities geared specifically towards orphanages. Donors will also receive a reaction video to ensure their donation went to the intended cause.
Core Mission

To purchase designated goods - from well installation kits to musical instruments - with donated money, personally deliver them to children in lesser developed countries, film their jubilation, and share the video with the compassionate donors.


Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

In the beginning, gift catalogs were designed, printed, and sent to a variety of people. Donations were collected online and through mail. While in Manila after graduating college, I rented out a van and personally delivered the gifts and life essentials (rice, soap, diapers...) to orphanages in need. 

After Manila, I traveled throughout Southeast Asia using my savings and stopping at orphanages along the way. Contacts were made at each in order to establish a foundation for Global Smilez to not only expand in the future, but be able to operate autonomously with donations purchased and delivered by willing and trusted locals.

After the inaugural trip, a deeper concern was recognized. The children all loved the gifts that were donated and they allowed them to do what kids their age should do, play. However, some of the orphanages didn't have blankets, pillows, adequate food, or any learning materials. Global Smilez has since revamped our operations with several new arms. We Drink They Drink is specifically aimed at combining hedonism with altruism as a portion of drinks bought on certain nights (at various partner bars) is donated towards installing wells or new holding tanks for orphanages without reliable water sources. Vibe Friends raises money through partnering musical artists efforts in order to purchase instruments for orphanages and schools. Tabs 4 Teens aims to put the power of technology into the hands of students who lack what we may take for granted. These tablets will help students with school projects as well as preparing for entering the professional job market.

As we pushed to launch all of these divisions, dire times called for dire measures. When the natural disaster of the Nepal earthquakes struck, funds were reallocated to help aid those who have lost everything within hours. Our vast network of partners made it seamless to send our aid. The results can be seen on the 'Fundraising' page.

Thank you for considering Global Smilez and email Jake@GlobalSmilez.com with any questions.

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