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Bridging the Gap

A program aimed at putting the power of education into the hands of a deserving teen​

Tabs 4 Teens

See the Smile You Created Halfway Around the World

Tabs 4 Teens objective is simple; it is about bridging the technological gap that exists between developed and developing nations. While internet is widely available throughout regions of Southeast Asia, the majority of its inhabitants, especially those aged between 13-19, have no way of accessing it. Enter Tabs 4 Teens. A donation of $150 makes it possible to put a tablet in the hands of a student. Not only will this aid in school assignments, and broaden the horizons of a young mind, it will also provide the opportunity for you, the donor, to connect and stay in touch with the recipient via social media platforms. This price number is all inclusive, from factory to recipient and is less than what a U.S. consumer would spend purchasing a comparable tablet. Tabs 4 Teens is able to do this by partnering directly with the manufacturer. At this time we are also exploring a One-For-One program, think Tom’s (yes the shoes), but, with tablet computers. Let us introduce you to the Tabs 4 Teens Model 1 technical specifications below: ​