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Thanks to all of our efforts, over 37 metric tons of food and supplies were delivered to these areas. Once again, thank you everyone for your support and donations!

 A Successful Start

A lost childhood is difficult to comprehend, yet over 150 million orphans worldwide struggle to piece their lives together daily. Help a few by introducing a new activity into their lives that they can pour their passion into: music. Global Smilez is proud to partner with one of our own supporters, D-Whip, to work together and send instruments to an orphanage in Lima, Peru. Instruments would range from guitars to flutes to microphones. Stay tuned for more collaborations with Wisconsin artists and sponsored performances. 

Below are pictures of a music class in Molicasa North of Lima, Peru. Donations to Vibe Friends were able to help purchase four acoustic guitars, enabling four new students to be enrolled off of the waiting list.


"We Drink, They Drink" Initiative

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Vibe Friends

Together with friends from the Nepal Youth Earthquake Relief Fund, an NGO on the ground in Nepal, we were able to work hand-in-hand to aid the people of Nepal. Their group of unaffiliated and motivated volunteers conducted a successful relief mission to Chilangkha and Khopachagu village development committees of the Dolakha district, one of the most severely affected regions.

First of all, thank you to everyone who supported Global Smilez during the past months. All of our events were a great success and the donations raised have helped many lives in need. Our original objective was to raise funds to purchase and send wells to needy rural areas in Southeast Asia and South America. The unpredictable force of mother nature changed our mission when a massive earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th, 2015. The disaster displaced close to 3 million people, destroyed buildings, and killed thousands. 

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