We strive to document the differences that we all make together so you can see the tangible reality created by a simple donation.

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  • Over $400 was raised from our first We Drink They Drink event in Madison! 
  • Thank you to Shirley Thayer for being the first ever donor to Global Smilez!
  • Thank you to Maggie Mawn for being the first outside of Wisconsin to donate!
  • Thank you to Ross and Anna Zimmerman for the generous donation of 100 Playdoh sets!
  • Thank you to Gordy and Kris Meicher for donating over 10 different gifts!
  • Thank you to Cameron Mahnke for donating proceeds from his new album, Whiplash, to Global Smilez!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Global Smilez.

Email - Jake@GlobalSmilez.com

Phone - (262) 745-6135

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Global Smilez is an organized 501c(3) charity that brings joy and smiles to children throughout the world. Founded in 2014, the organization has brought a genuine smile to the faces of children born to poverty with the odds of success stacked against them. The smiles brought to these children create a sense of worth and happiness in them they may have never experienced. These simple gifts take them away from their poverty and provide them a moment to consider there is good beyond where they are. We are dedicated to bring them happiness and to introduce a state wellbeing through our unique programs only made possible by our devoted team and generous supporters.

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  • The "We Drink, They Drink" program was a great success. Over $4,000 was raised!

Global Smilez

Jake Zimmerman

Founder, CEO


An interview with Gery Woefel and Sparky on Sports Junkies covering the inaugural trip that began Global Smilez.

The Global Smilez Team

The story behind Global Smilez featured in the Racine Journal Times

Part II of Jake's story:

Posted by Global Smilez on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Check out the story behind Global Smilez that has led to where we are today. Part two will be printed tomorrow in the County & Region section of the Racine Journal Times

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